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Conner Cotting

A little about me...

What is your favorite Starbucks drink?

Iced coffee no matter what time of year.

Describe what personality traits make you a good recruiter?

Charisma, resilience, persistence, and endless patience. Need to be a hustler with great customer service skills.

If you could have dinner with anyone (living or deceased) who would it be and why?

Mark Cuban, he’s inspirational, extremely intelligent, a business genius, and hopefully he’d give me some tips and/or networking connections. Honorable mentions: Big Cat and PFT Commenter from Pardon My Take. If you know, you know. Also, Alex Ovechkin.

If you could choose one person at ATR to recruit alongside with for an urgent assignment who would it be and why?

Brandon. He’s energetic, thorough, and compassionate. He’s going to listen to why a person is interested or not for a position and explain what the opportunity can provide that will genuinely benefit their life. He’s in the business of relationship building, not just recruiting.

Why would someone want to work at ATR?

You are gaining excellent professional experience doing sales type work but you are bringing a life changing opportunity to people rather than just a product. You have the ability to positively impact people’s lives and that is fulfilling when things work out.

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