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AJ Dalasio

A little about me...

What is your favorite Starbucks drink?

Venti Caramel Iced Black Eye

Describe what personality traits make you a good recruiter?

Tenacity, work ethic, level headedness (able to roll with the ups and downs of the industry)

If you could have dinner with anyone (living or deceased) who would it be and why?

Yoda (technically deceased) would be awesome to have dinner with. If you could understand what he was saying, he would have a great deal of wisdom to share and also be very humorous conversationalist. Not sure what the menu would be though.

If I had to pick a non-fictional person, I would pick Albert Einstein as his theories of the universe have sparked a great deal of scientific discovery and achievement.

If you could choose one person at ATR to recruit alongside with for an urgent assignment who would it be and why?

Kevin. I have always been driven by him the most and anytime he starts recruiting on a job, it makes me want to work harder at finding a better candidate. If I had to chose another recruiter, I would choose Brett for very similar reasons in addition to his ability to identify quality candidates quickly and doesn’t waste time.

Why would someone want to work at ATR?

Great company for learning the industry, cooperative team dynamic, and a lot of fun while still allowing for success. ATR offers the opportunity for fast growth as a recruiter from day 1!

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