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ATR Referral Program

ATR is always on the lookout for talented, dedicated and professional people. The kind of

people which help ATR provide better services and results to our clients.

Likewise, ATR is always on the lookout for new client opportunities and people to partner

with to support these opportunities. We want to work with you to support your relationships

and/or customers in delivering specialized staffing solutions that can address their unique


We recognize that employee and friends of ATR are an excellent source of candidate

referrals or business leads, and ATR should have policies which incentivize this activity. If

we are successful as a result of the information you provide, then we’d like to make sure your

efforts are recognized and rewarded. To facilitate this we have developed the ATR Business

Lead and Candidate Referral Incentive Program. 

For full details regarding our Referral Program please click here

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