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What is our Staffing Process?

Our Staffing Process makes it easy for you to find the employees you need in 3 easy steps. Let us take the time to find your top talent, you have other work to worry about!

Step 1 - Submit a Staffing Request

  • Complete a Staffing Request with your Account Manager.
  • Account Manager meets with Recruitment Team to review your Staffing Request.

Step 2 - Candidate Screening and Selection

  • Recruiters perform candidate screening and selection.
  • Account Manager reviews recommended candidate(s) for final selection.

Step 3 - Client Review and Approval

  • Account Manager presents final candidate(s) to you.
  • You interview candidate(s) of your choosing.
  • You present approved candidate choice(s) to your Account Manager.
  • Account Manager extends offer to candidate(s).
  • Candidate is hired and engagement begins.

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