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What is our Recruiting Process?

ATR implements a proven recruiting process and methodology based on industry best practices.

Our Account Managers drive this process, and make it easy by providing a single point of contact between you, the rest of ATR's staff, and a wealth of pre-screened candidates that are eager to resolve whatever challenges you face.

Every Staffing Request initiates a process that empowers our entire recruiting staff to focus on delivering the results you need - through your designated Account Manager - whether that's a single resource for a short-term effort or an entire project team solution.

Keeping in mind that each client already has internal processes in place, we are able to customize our search strategy to best address your individual needs. Being able to compliment your already existing processes with our own search methods provides you with additional market exposure and thus increases your chance of success.

Here is an overview of our Recruiting Process:

Step 1 - Sourcing

  • Identify which sourcing methods to employ to identify passive candidates and additional talent pools
  • Design a Sourcing Plan that outlines the process for exhausting all avenues of sourcing for client requirements
  • Ensure ATR Recruiting Team tracks all sources utilizing ATR's Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
  • Develop and communicate ATR Employee Referral Program (ERP) to potential candidate(s)

Step 2 - Screening

  • Develop a client hiring profile to ensure candidate(s) meet predetermined hiring criteria
  • Confirm prior salary or hourly rate and compensation with candidate(s)
  • Verify candidate(s) security clearance status or eligibility if required for employment by client

Step 3 - Background & Reference Checks

  • Capture references from candidate(s) and verify they have been entered into ATR's ATS for future marketing and communication
  • Develop comprehensive reference check questions to extract information from candidate(s) and to ensure what's being asked matches client needs
  • Conduct Background Checks (i.e. Employment History, Credit; Criminal; and Drug Screening) and verify security clearance to ensure candidate(s) meet client security requirements
  • Coordinate with ATR Security Office to initiate and process security clearance application (if applicable) or other security paperwork as required by client

Step 4 - Client Submittal

  • Qualify only those candidate(s) who meet the necessary skills requirements and whom have a sold value system in line with that of ATR's and our client
  • Conduct competency assessment on candidate(s) to ensure they are accurately qualified
  • Perform telephone interview or face-to-face interview whenever possible to screen candidate(s) for behavioral and communication skills

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